Friday, October 24, 2008

This Runner Needs Your Help And Opinions!

First of all, I wrote a Chicago Marathon race report and was going to post it, but I didn’t. Maybe I will in the future but I’m just not inspired to do that now.

A lot of my friends have been concerned about me. I'm sorry that I have been so quiet. I was in quite a quandary for a while. I am much better now. Thank you, all of you, for your concern!

Chicago was a fantastic experience even if it did not turn out the way that I would have wanted. Meeting Maddy, Melisa, Bill, and Petra was a wonderful thing. I will be adding a section to this page that will show other Runners/Bloggers that I’ve run with!


Why do I need your opinion? Why do I need your help?

I am thinking of running another marathon in the near future. I am in shape. I am trained. NOW. If you would allow an old adage, I feel that I should strike while the iron is hot!

I have rested. I could barely move the first few days after Chicago. I was walking backwards in places. My friends were laughing at me as I would attempt to stand and walk. That’s all over now. I am running again and loving it!

There are a lot of opinions about marathons and the frequency that they should be run. I think that we all know of our fellow runners that run marathons regularly. There are also schedules that allow a runner to keep in running shape between short periods. An example of a schedule is this one from Hal Higdon -

I’m training again using the 4-week period between marathon schedule. It may change to the 6-week schedule.

What I need from you, friend and reader, is your opinion on how, why and what you would do!

Speak up now! I need your help!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Did Not Finish!

I am very sorry to report that I did not finish.

The Bad News -

I am a DNF (Did Not Finish).

At mile 18, my legs started to cramp again. It didn't seem too bad. At about mile 22, it became more and more difficult to actually run. I walked and was walking as fast as I could. After all, the timer was ticking down. I would try to run from time to time, but knew that I should leave 'good enough' alone and go back to a walk.

At mile 25 (Mile 25!) I entered a porta-potty for a last 'break.' You have to step up into it. I did and when my left foot hit the floor my lower leg muscle cramped and locked hard. I stepped back to take the pressure off and when I put the weight on my right foot, my right lower leg cramped and locked. I got out of the unit, took a step or two and fell to the ground in agony. I yelled for help and a lady came over quickly. She came over, felt my lower legs and gasped. She started massaging the left leg, while both of us yelled for help. The aid tent brought a wheel chair over, helped me to get up, and I was taken to the tent.

They checked me out, but it was just a case of cramping. As I laid there, the toes and upper leg muscles also started to cramp. While I was being iced, I saw the 'end of the marathon' van go by. The Chicago Marathon is a timed event. That really was OK, though, as it would have taken me hours to motivate the last little bit.

So, I cramped up and entered a small case of depression. I am disappointed. All that training and now leg cramps at mile 25.

The Good News!

I am OK. Blood pressure was 130 over 70 and pulse was good. No fever (not even hot), normal temperature. I just ended up with severe leg cramps. I was not hospitalized (nowhere near it). As they were packing up the tent, I hobbled out and caught one of the last buses to the finish line. I did not have my cell phone with me at that time so I couldn't call anyone. The bus stopped right by my hotel, so I didn't even go over to the finish line. I did not meet Maddy, Petra, Melisa or Bill over there. They do know that I did not finish, though.

So, I am OK but somewhat disappointed. It was a lot of time, money and training that went into this marathon. I was sure that I was ready. I do realize that sometimes medical things over-ride what your physical side can accomplish. But the sense of disappointment right now is very real and I am saddened and disappointed.

I'll have to figure out what caused it, so it doesn't happen again. I have talked to my brother about it and it does seem to be a family heredity thing.


PS - Petra! The name on the shirt was referred to several times. I actually lost count as to how many! Great idea!

Today is the Day!

Well, its here!

Maddy, Melisa, Petra, and I had a delicious carbo and protein loading dinner at the Trattori Roma restaurant last night. Bill is running the race also. He is Melisa's husband. We shared that meal with family, friends and supporters. Thank you all! It was a wonderful time.

You could tell that the runners were nervous and filled with anticipation.

We are meeting at 6:45 AM at the hotel Melisa and I are staying at. The adventure is about to happen!

Everyone. I would like to comment on the support that you have shown me. Without that it would have been much more difficult to have performed the training and to have gotten to the point I am at this morning. Thank you!

More later as I have an event to prepare for!


Saturday, October 11, 2008

1 day to go!

Almost here!

The flight was fine, security was easier than I thought it would be.

My iPod provided in flight entertainment.

The hotel was nicer than I expected!

Off to meet friends for a morning run!


Cloud Gate (and some friends) Look in the bean for the guy taking the picture!

Maddy & Petra!

Friday, October 10, 2008

2 Days To Go!

2 days to go!

I fly out to Chicago this morning!

I have not flown since 2000. This could be an interesting experience!

Be still my heart!

Meeting Petra, Maddy and Maddy's daughter! Yes! We are at the expo!

Thursday, October 09, 2008

3 Days To Go!

Thank you, friends and fellow bloggers!

I fly to Chicago tomorrow!

Sunday, October 05, 2008

On The Taper – With One Week to Go

I am twelve taper miles to go to the Chicago Marathon. 4 @ 3 mile runs. I will run one of those with my friends from “What’s a Few Miles Among Friends?” Yes, Maddy, Petra, Melisa (AND her husband) are running Chicago, also!

Last week, I ran 34.07 miles. It feels like so very few. The long run was 8 miles. For several weeks that was a regular Wednesday run! Overall, for 2008, I have run 1,280 miles. I do think that I am ready.

I will be using the Chicago Marathon as my run in the Worldwide Festival of Races. I am specifically running the Phedippidations World Wide Half-Marathon! You can find out more about these events here.

I will be wearing my yellow wristband in support of Team Elijah. Elijah Talley is a boy that is in battle with neuroblastoma cancer. You can find out more about Elijah here.

I have dedicated each mile of my first marathon to several people or organizations. I will share that later in the week. Many of you have run marathons. This is my first marathon. It is an achievement of a personal goal. I mention it everywhere I go and to any group that I may address. This is an important event in my life.

As time for the event gets closer, I would like to thank each and every one of you that follow my humble blog. I get a lot of inspiration from every comment that is left. I have learned so much and in so many ways. I just want to thank you for being there and sharing your thoughts, opinions, experiences and life situations with me. Thank you!

Enough for now! Look for a final countdown on this blog soon.