Monday, December 31, 2007

The End of the Year, the End of my Treadmill.

Last week I ran 25.9 miles. This week I have run 6.363 miles. I ran a total of 1,886 miles in 2007. Included in that are 3 half-marathons and a 5K.

You know, I really have to thank each and everyone of you, my friends, for that which I have acheived. Thanks for the encouragement and for the criticism. One is not legitimate without the other.

I don't think that I would have been so inspired if my special friend, Susan, had not inspired me to start this humble blog. Susan writes her blog at I Run For My Life by Susan!

I also have to thank Adam Tinkoff for his inspirational blogs along with "The Tinkoff 1,000" resolution to run 1,000 miles in the calendar year of 2007. Adam has a new blog at

And thanks to everyone that provided a personal blog that they shared with me encouraging me to run alongside them in a virtual and real manner!! Just look to the right of this page to see some of the people that really provided me with that inspiration!

Also to those that read my blog and my rambling literary style. This community of people with shared interests grows every day. Oceans and vast distances do not make a difference, either. It is great to be a part of it!

Death of a Treadmill...
I made a fantastic Navy Bean and Ham soup Saturday night. It was very tasty and I lost all self-control. 3 huge bowls and I knew that I would have to run extra in the morning.

I set out to run 5 miles. The first two were tedious and slow, but then I got the inspiration. After all, it was very cold outside, I'd eaten too much the night before, and I had (finally) achieved rhythm in my run! I thought that 5 miles would be great, then 5.55 miles would be better, then 6.5 would top it off.

I hit 6.363 and the treadmill very suddenly stopped beneath me. That can be quite a surprise.

I tried everything to get it back up and running. After all, I was only able to get 2,825 miles on it. The incline motor works fine, but the tread belt motor is not turning. Is it the motor? Is it the circuit board? Who knows? I DO know that I have replaced 5 belts on that motor. It is definitely time to get a new treadmill.

I don't have a lot of time to turn this over. It is winter in Denver, Colorado and most mornings are just too cold to run outside. Plus, I am that rare breed of treadmill junkie.

So, I guess what I need is some opinions, reviews or references to what treadmills that you have used and liked (or , maybe, did not like). Please let me know why.

I am a Clydesdale Class runner at just over 200 pounds. I am also a master (age-wise, that is...)

I am actively seeking a new one. So far, I like a Pace Master (may be too expensive), a Reebok, a Horizon and a NordicTrack.

Treadmill Videos?

Isn't this one everyone's favorite? OK GO, on treadmills...

Monday, December 24, 2007

Happy Holidays All!!

I ran 25.7 miles last week. So far, I have run 1857 miles in 2007.

Happy Holidays!
I just want to wish all of my friends, runners and fellow bloggers a most festive celebration for this holiday season. In whatever way you celebrate and whatever days you celebrate, I wish you the best of this season!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

That Introspective Time of Year!

Hello my fellow bloggers, friends and fellow runners!

I have run 1850 miles in 2007. I took both Saturday and Sunday last off - Saturday due to a Jeep trip that never happened (it was just too cold out), and Sunday because I did do a jeep trip. I am trying to keep to 25 miles per week during the winter doldrums.

Setting Goals
I have a friend. Lots of you know him and may read his blog regularly. His name is Jamie and he is the Diabetic Runner.

He has a goal, a resolution, an objective. It involves promoting an awareness of a disease that he lives with every day. He'd like to make people aware of Diabetes.

The thing I like about Jamie is that he is alwasy looking to better himself. He is not content to just go with the hand that he is dealt. Instead, he works at getting a better hand. He also succeeds at it. Read his blog and you will see what I mean!

Many of my fellow runners set a goal for themselves in 2007. Thanks to Adam Tinkoff and his Burning 20 podcast, may of us set a 1,000 mile goal to run in 2007. It was the The Tinkoff 1,000.

Jamie has a similar goal. I would like for you to read about it, think about it and, maybe, commit to it. I have. You can get all of the details here.

Meeting Another with Similar Likes
Many of you have met fellow bloggers in our travels through this world. I was able to do that today. I got a call this morning this morning from Peter, the DC Spinster. He is in Denver. We will not neet on this visit, but will on another day. He described his run this morning through areas of this town that I know well. It was great to talk to him! Thanks, Peter!

If you do not read his blog, you really should. He presents himself with personal dedication and humor. I always look forward to new posts.

And, yes... He did remind me that I am not blogging like I was. That should probably become another resolution for me for the new year.

Rhythm and the Run!
I started my run this morning and before I knew it I was running in a state of bliss. It came on me slowly but steadily. I felt a calm of body coordination, rhythm and ability. Everything was working for today's run. The elbows were bent just right, the hands comfortable in front of me, and the footfalls of my feet were steady and rhythmic. It was a great way to experience a run.

Does that happen to any of you as you run?

Monday, December 10, 2007

Runnin' on!

Last week, I ran 28 miles. The week before, I ran 23 1/2 miles.

As of today, I've run 1,811 miles in 2007.

I am not much of a movie goer. I'd rather wait until it comes out on DVD, or get through my Netflix account. Then I'll watch it at home.

Have you seen Live Free or Die Hard? Very action filled movie. It had the excitement I thought that it would. Formula maybe, but I enjoyed the movie.

I also watched "At World's End," the last in the Pirates of the Caribbena series. Lots of action, but parts of it dragged. I bought it, though, as I have the rest of the series.

I was one of the people that bought the HD DVD Player at Walmart on a recent secret Friday sale. It played 1/2 of an HD-DVD movie and hasn't played one since. Regular DVDs play just fine. Bottom line? It is going back to Toshiba for repair!

I never did get the SageTV server working through the internet on my Home Theatre computer.