Monday, June 29, 2009

Speaking of Changes!

I've moved my blog.

As this blog was not available for so long, I went and purchased my own domain. A friend is hosting it.

If you would like to visit it, you can click on the following link -

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Things Can Change So Quickly…

And things did do that for me yesterday.

My best friend died yesterday. I’m talking about Molly, my Australian Shepard. It happened suddenly. She had a carcinoma (tumor) on her heart that had burst. The sack around her heart filled with blood. The pressure was stopping her heart from beating properly.

We got up at the regular time and found Molly to be listless and lethargic. She was coughing and had little energy. The day before she was fine. As the day progressed, she was getting worse. I got a feeling about her late in the afternoon and called my friend, Tom, to check her out.

By the time we knew what was happening and got her to a Vet, she had almost no blood pressure. Her Vet told us that the help she needed was only available at an emergency clinic. She was rushed to one immediately.

They did tests and the diagnosis was the carcinoma, but there were unknowns. They were able to tap the fluid from around her heart. She responded and improved, but only to a point.

Around 11:15 PM, we got another call from the Vet. The fluid had refilled the sack and she had to be tapped again. The Vet said that the leak was bad. We decided to go to the emergency clinic.

We talked to the Vet. The prognosis was not good. As the leak was so bad, she would probably have to be tapped two more times in order for the Cardiologist specialist to see her in the morning.

Molly was dying.

We made the final decision. She had suffered enough and we did not want her to experience anymore discomfort.

We went in to see Molly. She perked up when she saw her ‘pack!’ She got up and was seemingly ready to go home. But, She was so tired and lay back down. There was a sparkle in her eyes but there was also a sad dimness to them. My heart went out to her as I realized that the correct decision had been made.

We gave my special friend hugs, caressed her and said our goodbyes. I laid her head in my lap, as the Doctor came in and prepared to do his job. I kissed her head and petted her neck and head as the Doctor did his job. Soon, it was over and Molly found her final peace. The Doctor told us (when all was said and done) that we had really made the right decision for her situation.

Keep in mind that I am sad now over the loss of a good friend. She was my constant companion for more than 10 years. We played Frisbee, played ball, ran together, went jeeping together, took vacations together and many more things. She thought that she was the consummate taste-tester and often assisted me in the kitchen. As a matter of fact, we spent the last week vacationing together, jeeping in Moab, Utah.

I will so miss my friend, Molly!

Rest, my friend! Rest in peace!

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

How Far Have I Run?

I never thought that I would have come as far as I have with my running. It has been an amazing journey. I want to thank all of you that have encouraged me along the way. Don't think you're done, though. I still need all of the encouragement I can get!

Running -
So… What have I accomplished so far in 2009? Not as much as I wanted to, but I have been running. So far, it has been treadmill running. I’m used to it and it is easily accomplished. I'll be out more and more as the weather clears in April.

I seem obsessed on my 10K run coming up on May 9th. I know that I have been ignoring the half-marathon coming up on May 17th. I really need to start increasing miles now so I will be able to run it!

This is my running statistics chart for 2009.

I still have my cough. I keep telling myself to go back to the Doctor. I believe it is related to the blood pressure medicine that I am taking. If I could clear that up I could breathe a lot easier and get more accomplished.

The Recent Denver Snow Storm –
Well, you’ve heard about it. An almost blizzard! The, all of a sudden, it tapered off and just slowed way down.

Other stuff –
I am still going jeeping on a regular basis. After all, you need to do something (fun) on your day of rest.

Here are some videos if you are interested –

Running a steep hill covered with snow. Will he make it in this Bronco?

Now, let’s try it in the Mighty YJ!

(oh well, you can’t have everything!)

What happens if get up there and then get stuck?


Monday, March 16, 2009

Things & Stuff!

Yes, I have been running. So much that I felt last week should be an easy week. That was the plan, but you know how these things go… I ran 26.1 miles. All on the treadmill. I seem to be getting faster and faster…

Here is a chart to track some “Progress.”

Improving? I think so!

Home Theatre PC

What is a Home Theatre PC (HTPC)? An HTPC is a computer built to handle a household’s entertainment from a central location; music, pictures, audio and video.

I’ve had an HTPC before but decided to rebuild it. Before it had a TV Tuner, and the purpose was to serve as a secondary DVR (Digital Video Recorder). It had SageTV for the DVR software. I removed the tuner card and the software.

The build is almost finished!

I kept the motherboard, AMD duo-core processor, 1Gig of RAM and the 400 GB hard drive (re-formatted). I bought a new case, power supply, and video card. I had already added a HAVA Titanium HD Video server for my home network.

The case has a flip up cage for the peripheral devices.

Never as easy as it could be, I had to use an EIDE DVD-Rom drive to load the operating system.

The HAVA unit takes a video signal and transmits it, either via Ethernet or wireless or even from the internet. So, I take the HAVA signal and use the HTPC to act a second TV in the lower level entertainment center.

In place! No separate DVD unit or receiver amplifier now!

I am also using BOXEE and HULU as sources for the HTPC.

Now…What does this have to do with running? The lower level of my house used to be a Mother-In-Law apartment. I have the treadmill down there. It sits in front of the HTPC entertainment center. So, it is all to keep my mind as busy as my body during my runs!

The Treadmill and I are satisfied again!

Ever get splashed while running? This Jeep is going to do it now!

Sunday, March 08, 2009

March! (Already?)

Last week, I ran 30.1 miles at a pace of about 9:17. I am trying to get faster.

First of all, let me say that I actually like running on my treadmill. It is an offensive machine in that it makes me work so hard, but I am the one that programs it.

Through February, I slowly raised the elevation of the treadmill from 1.0 to 2.5. The first week of March I ran on it at an elevation of 3.0. Next week, I plan to raise the elevation to 3.5.

A Progress Chart -

Competitions -
Saturday, May 9th is the Highline Canal Run. Sponsored by a local parks & recreation district, I want to run the 10K AND run it in less than 1 hour. Maybe 2009 is the year for that! You can find out about it here. This will be my third year running this local, fun run. My friend, Tom, is going to run this one, too!

Eight days after that, on Sunday, May 17th, I'll run the Colorado-Colfax Half-Marathon. I ran this last year. I hope to beat 2:20:00 and my previous run time. You can find out more about it here. I'll be running a co-worker at this one. Early registration was a 2-for-1 and we agreed to run it!

Running Humor -
A runner asked his wife: "What do you love most about me? My tremendous athletic ability or my superior intellect?" "What I love most about you," responded the man's wife, "is your enormous sense of humor."

Saturday, February 21, 2009

What? February is Almost Over?

OK, they tell you at the start line that there are photographers all along the route so when you see one, Smile! At least act like you're having a good time.
AND... No matter how tired I got, it was a good time.


I am!

I ran 29.50 miles last week. I've increased the elevation of the treadmill from always running at 1.0 to 2.0 this month. Next week it will increase to 2.5. I did increase the long run to 7 miles.
Best 5K time last week was 28:41, and the best 10K was 58:40.
I am still slow, but not as slow!

Here are some figures:

January- - - - - - - February- - - - - -TOTAL
27 runs...............18 runs..............45 runs
9:32 pace............9:19 pace...........9:26 pace
18,705 calories....14,394 calories...33,099 calories
110.2 miles..........84.8 miles.........195.0 miles

Now... How is that for some (well... trivial) facts! They do show an improvement.

10K race and the half-marathon are but 3 months away!

Thursday, February 05, 2009

The Doldrums...

A dictionary might define “Doldrums” as a period of stagnation or slump.

Am I in a slump? Am I being inactive? No to both.

I use the term to describe a state where I am training but not actually for a purpose.

I am up to running 2 10Ks a week. Most weeks are 26 miles. I am slowly increasing the elevation on the treadmill as well as increasing my speed.

Is it giving me results? Yes. For instance, reports that in January, I ran 110.20 miles total in 27 runs. Of that, I averaged 4.10 miles per run at a pace of 9:32 or 6.3 miles per hour.

Considering I trained for my marathon @ a 12:00 pace (and ran it at a higher number), I do believe that I am improving.

So far for 2009 (as of this morning), I have run 128 miles.

So, the doldrums. I will be happier when this “Einstein” runner can start to train for that elusive 10K at under an hour, and, at the same time for a half-marathon. That first half-marathon will be one week after the 10K. I am so happy when I can schedule and then check the schedule. Sometimes, the competition itself can be a let down. Wish me luck anyway.

More information in a bit. Thanks for reading!

How are your doldrums coming along?

And Remember...
If you are going to take up cross-country running, it is always better to start with a small country.